E-commerce shoot

Pictaz Studio is the best e-commerce photography studio in Delhi which does its work on time and takes care of the small details of its clients and adds beauty to the work that's why people are more connected with Pictaz Studio and appreciate the work

So, what’s next for e-commerce growth? So far, I’ve covered five of the main reasons for focusing on e-commerce. And here we come to a very important question.

How can I help you grow your business by producing photography for your e-commerce store?

For a while, it has been pretty difficult to sell photography to people who aren’t actually going to buy it. But there’s an alternative now. It’s called pictaz photography for e-commerce.

We’re going to show you how to create a photography portfolio that people are really going to want to see.

People, images, and their stories are what ultimately communicate the type of quality your product has. Your design (and the visual effects you have added) are what sets you apart and distinguishes your products from others.

Creative Shoot

Adorn your product images with our creative shoot. Creativity is a never-ending thing and we count on the same. Our Creative professional's activity involves mental and physical effort to achieve a result that fulfills the client's requirements.

We've all been in this place sitting with a camera in hand, dressed and nowhere. Writers call it writer's block and I think we can call it photographer's block. The question is, "How do we create it again?.

After more than 6 years of photography and Creative Shoot for many years there are times when ingenuity seems to diminish and creative ideas seem to run away from us. It's a great experience and it could have happened to you or you wouldn't have read.

The first step in regaining your composure is to take to the streets of your village, town or town and engage in street photography. Make sure it is busy as you will want to capture public vibrations. Rich in color, pattern and form, the street scene has all the features of a fun photography. Focus on it before shooting and go for a walk enjoying the view, the smell and the action. If this does not motivate you to develop creative skills I think you need to consult a doctor about a prescription.

Video Shoot

Why settle down with the still images to showcase your products when you can also opt for the video service provided by us. Let it be a 360° video or a concept video. Our team is hot to trot and equipped to work on your project.

So, to avoid recording low quality and hard to watch video clips, you should first take the time to get to know your digital camera. Read the manufacturer's manual carefully to understand each component of the camera. Reading the manual should be accompanied by a camera scan to determine if you have mastered the task. When shooting a video, aim to automate it as this will make the video shoot more attractive and naturally flowing.

Use a tripod stand to provide stability during video capture. If you hold the camcorder in your hands you may be tired and start to change your hands - something that will lead to a black or moving clip. Natural body functions such as breathing can also lead to instability. Even what you may think of as trivial exercise will be improved.

Always avoid using the camera zoom function. That being said, there are times when you will need to use the zoom function. When using it, zoom in or out slowly bringing the desired object in or out of focus. An important requirement for a quality video shoot is the use of lighting. Make sure you take videos in well-lit areas. You may need to adjust the camcorder as you move from place to place to accommodate different levels of light in each area.


Every shoot is incomplete without editing and, we assure that our clients get excellent quality images. Our editor's team is fully equipped with their skill to deliver impeccable quality images.

Everyone likes to appreciate the past in the form of photos, in case your happy moments are ruined or you get old and need to be re-touched, photo editing can help you preserve your precious light.

Let us know exactly what Image Editing is. Flawlessly, editing is the art of giving vivacity to soft images. The whole lesson involves color enhancement, replacement of background images, photo clips, brightness and brightness, Combining of both minor and major abrasions, Removal of tucks, small dust and spots, reconstruction of missing parts.

Even a new feature can be found by removing Red Eye Removal, Excess Flab Removal, Reducing Eye bags, Dental Purification, Special Effects like Black and White, Sepia, adding or removing a person or object in a photo and much more. changes. Such bug fixes allow you to have new and creative images. If you do not know about Photo Edit you can just find it by indulging in Photo Editing Service.

One can find photo editing in many taken moments such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, modeling and any special events even photos of houses for sale, cars and any other photo you wish to edit.

To use the photo editing service you must create free photo upload accounts and if you do not have digital photos you will also benefit from photo scanning services. And if you want to give your ideas and have a specific need then they will be there to listen to you and they will go according to the information provided by you. Photo editing is a low-key deal that offers a precious gift for storing memories.

Content Writing

Online marketing and online business, many people do not have a clear idea of ​​what content writing is. They just play in amazement when they hear this word. To put it simply, writing content is the art of writing websites. The information contained in the website-owned content is equally important, if not more so, than its design and presentation. In addition to the design, it is actually content that attracts and captures the attention of visitors or website users. Blurred, low expectations and boring content adversely affect the business of the affected website. Therefore, in order to attract the total number of visitors, the content of the website should be informative, current and up to date. It must fulfill the promises it makes in the article.

Website content writing is a business or service that provides descriptive expansion programs, worldwide. Many firms and companies today promise to provide quality writing services. But the task is by no means as simple as it sounds. Writing content for websites is a very stressful task because you need to invest in a great episode of author time. While the term may seem to suggest a work that involves only writing, content writing instead requires a lot of extensive research that takes a lot of time. Experts in this field are of the opinion that the work involves 90% of the research and only 10% of the writing.